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Drama Korea : Personal Taste Sub Indo

Genre : Comedy drama, and romance
Starring : Lee Min Ho (Jeon Jin Ho), Son Ye Jin (Park Gae In), (Han Chang Ryul), Wang Ji Hye (Kim In Hee)
Producer : Choi Yi Seob
Movie Director : Son Hyung Suk, No Jong Chan
Episodes : 1 – 16
Rating : 5 (5 of 5) worth to look at…
Personal Taste is an MBC drama that keeps you laughing and smiling throughout the whole drama. There are a few sad scenes but this drama has a great story line. This drama also stars actor Lee Min Ho and actress Son Yeh Jin. This drama also has boy band’s 2AM’s Seulong! This was his first drama and he did a great job acting his role.

This story tells about the ambitions of an architect Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) to earn the victory in his career after losing his father since childhood. He was forced to make decisions for the shortcut to find the answer of an architectural concepts that are needed to win the tender for Gallery Art Center. He tries to find out the concept embedded in one of the old house (Sanggojae) which has been built by Professor Park Chul Han, Park Gae In’s father which has been an ambition of Director Choi (authorized person to held the competition).
Jin Ho with his handsome face, and his gentle, able to understand the feelings of any woman, used to approach Park Gae In in order to understand the concept of architecture . Plain and kindly attitude which is owned by Park Gae In, is often abused by men as well as her best friend, nor by Jin Ho. Park Gae In regard and believe that Jin Ho was gay. Park Gae In seems more sympathetic and close to Jin Ho who is a gay connotation sensitive. Without realizing it, Jin Ho was increasingly falling in love with Park Gae In , regardless of the ultimate goal to get into Sanggojae. And he decided to tell his true feelings towards Park Gae In and be the right man for her.
When the feeling between Jin Ho and Park Gae In become stronger, they have to face more conflict, especially with the presence of Han Chang Ryul (Park Gae In’s ex-boyfriend who has tried to start love affair again with Park Gae In after leaving her) having coalition with Kim In Hee (Park Gae in’s old friend who like to seize any man who approached Park Gae In). However, it seems that Jin Ho has given his heart only for Park Gae In.
Problems arise when Sang Jun (Jin Ho’s assistant) took the wrong decision by giving the blue print design of Sanggojae belonged to Professor Park to Director Choi . His purpose to gain cash to pay off the office rent loan. When Professor Park saw it, spontaneously cried out and cursed for Jin Ho’s actions and did not consider Jin Ho giving her daughter a sincere love. Jin Ho was forced to resign from Park Gae In, dilemmas arise in Jin Ho’s heart between guilt and desire to continue his love for Park Gae In
However, at the end of the story, Park Gae In decide to accept the folly and continued to Jin Ho as her last destination. Jin Ho managed to regain confidence from Professor Park by proving that he had no intention to steal design ideas of Sanggojae from Professor Park, he just want to observe and learn the concept of what is special in Sanggojae. Jin Ho succeeded in becoming the winner for the tender of Art Center Gallery by presenting his own design inspired by the sculpture apples (a gift from Park Gae In).
Seeing this, Professor Park finally believed and approved Jin Ho as becoming a future husband for her daughter. After winning the tender, Jin Ho directly propose Park Gae In to be his wife.
Shooting Location
Now, let us take a look at the shooting location, starting from :
 Kring (Art Centre)
This is the office of director Choi Do Bin, played by veteran actor Ryu Seung Ryong. Kring is taken from the Dutch language, which means circle, and it is located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam. Kring building consist of four floor, while most of the scenes of Personal Taste captured on the first floor and second floor only.
 First floor consists of three parts which are art atrium, cinema, and conference rooms. In the atrium we can find a series of sculptures made ​​by young Korean artists, decorated with a white tile throughout the atrium, the atmosphere of modern art, a bridge, an elegant glass roof, and a luxurious lobby, makes us able to spend long hours just to admire its beauty.
 The cinema plays independent films and non-commercial in order to promote special genre of art movie. All profits from ticket sales will be used to develop the art of Korean -themed films. And there are two conference rooms which accommodate 23 and 30 visitors respectively. Both are built with the concept of creating a unique space for visitors as a place to share ideas and encouragement to one another.
 On the second floor there is Vintage hall, Kring hall, cafe, and lounge. Vintage hall can be used for various events, such as product launches, exhibitions, and lectures. While on the other, Kring hall , can only be used for exhibition only.
 Kring uses the cafe as a relaxing place while enjoying a premium quality coffee made ​​by one of Korea’s top barista, Ahn Yeong-Gyu as well can contribute to help nonprofit – culture and art organizations. Kring provides a lounge as a place of meditation, rest, or chatting with friends. High ceilings give the fresh air and abundant sunshine that will give you sense of comfort. Lounge is the one used by Lee Min Ho to meet Director Choi. How cool this lounge ….
While the third floor is devoted for showing the trends of future living concept and high lifestyle.
 The fourth floor as the top floor of this building contain Sky Garden which is decorated as open cinema directly mixed with the blue sky followed with some stairs. Here’s one more reason why Kring is worth for visiting.
Next we will visit Sanggojae which is no other than Park Gae In’s home. Sanggojae is a traditional Korean house combined with modern touches. Park Gae In’s father was in fact a famous architect who built this house and give the name Sanggojae which means a place to love one another.
Gates and roads around Sanggojae filmed in the village of Bukchon, while the interior is set by the MBC crew, so it does not really exist in the real world. Bukchon village was once a village of the nobility during the Joseon Dynasty. Situated between Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Jongmyo, this village offers history atmosphere for more than 600 years old.
Currently, the Bukchon village is functioned as tourism object for tourists who want to feel the atmosphere of Joseon Dynasty which is equipped with a cultural center traditional Korean – style restaurant.
Petite France
In order to shoot launching photos of Personal Taste, also to build the chemistry, before filming, Lee Min Ho and Song Ye Jin went to Petite France, a French-style village located in Gapyeong. This village consists of 16 exotic white buildings which makes this  place as the best location to experience the French country atmosphere, including the foods, clothes, and also its daily culture.
   Inside Petite France there is a building to commemorate Saint-Exupery, French novelist who is very famous, Le Petit Prince. In front of the building there is a small park called the Little Prince which is inspired from the novel title from the author.
In addition, we can enjoy the gallery featuring sculptures and paintings Gallic rooster which is a symbol of France and Orgel house in which there are 200-year-old music box. Glad to collect souvenirs? Dont worry, because in this village there are shops selling things like knick-knacks. This village can accommodate up to 200 guests and is equipped with 34 guest rooms that can accommodate 4 to 10 people per room.

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